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Small Business Strategies to Create Loyal Customers

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As a new or small business owner, customers form the basis of your business’s success. It's

important to keep your customers in mind in all business decisions. It will boost your sales,

minimize the costs of marketing, and grow customer loyalty.

Keap points out that loyal customers are more valuable to your business as they bring in more profits compared to new customers. You're able to pre-plan financially, as it's possible to predict their purchase patterns and come up with efficient financial plans and marketing strategies.

Returning customers already have a positive image of your brand, increasing the likelihood of shopping more often than new customers.

Creating loyal customers takes time, as loyalty usually is earned, not bought.

With a small business, you may find yourself short of the time necessary to achieve this. There are many strategies you can use to ensure you have more time to focus on your customers.

For one, avoiding handling multiple tasks at once allows you to get more work done, which is where automation and technology comes into play.

In this article, Charlie Co. Media shares more ways that will assist you in creating and retaining your loyal customers.

How to Boost Customer Loyalty

Offer a variety of payment plans.

If you have a seasonal business, chances are that you have challenges with cash flow during

off-peak periods. To overcome this huddle, you can provide your customers various payment plans.

For instance, you can offer small payments beforehand, like a savings plan before the

actual purchase instead of a one-off payment. This will allow your customers to pay in

manageable installments and bring in cash to cover the slow periods of the year.

Encourage real human interaction.

Excellent customer service goes hand in hand with actual interactions with customers.

Automatic prompts, messages, and phone systems offer fast responses and can be

economical. However, as Voxco explains, some customers prefer a human touch, especially if they have an issue that needs to get addressed. Avoid overusing technology, and personalize customer service to build customer loyalty.

Customers expect you to be professional and knowledgeable, so if your business skill set could use some enhancement you may consider taking college-level courses in subjects like business administration, marketing, and finance. By taking online classes leading to a degree, you’ll gain valuable knowledge in the latest concepts and practices needed to run your operation.

Plus, remote study allows you to maintain your current work schedule while doing coursework anywhere you deem fit.

Establish an online community.

Giving your loyal customers a platform to engage your brand and each other will grow your

customer relationships.

For example, you can establish a community forum where customers exchange tips and insights on using your products.

Take advantage of organic social media to start conversations, engage loyal customers and brand ambassadors, and even make meaningful collaborations. You can use these platforms to gather vital feedback on your products or services and suggestions regarding new products.

Gathering and keeping a following requires smart and strategic branding, an essential element of your marketing plan. Creating a stand-out logo is one of the first and foremost steps, and if done right, it will reflect your message and present it to your audience at first glance.

Plan to use your logo on all your social media marketing efforts, as well as on your website.

Request feedback.

A great way to boost customer loyalty is by requesting your customers feedback after every


Send out surveys, ask questions on calls, and monitor your ratings to improve

customer experience. You can use Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys to give you an idea of how satisfied your customers are with the assistance they get from your team. Take note of customer responses and frequent challenges they encounter.

Ensure you check the engagement of social media platforms and read online reviews about

your brand. Negative reviews will show you the exact areas you need to work on, so ensure you respond and address the concerns. This will demonstrate your willingness to act on criticism to improve your products and services to suit customers’ needs. To handle negative responses.

When it comes to positive feedback, you can request to display the messages or follow up with an interview. Remember to acknowledge or reward the customers for their helpful contributions.

Be mindful of your voice, tone, and language at each interaction.

A warm welcome, cordial greeting, and a smile can create a great first impression. You should strive to use a positive tone and language in all communications to enhance customer experience.

In short, it helps you build rapport and establish trust with your customers, which is beneficial in the long run.

Image via Pexels

Written by Jenna Sherman

for Charlie Co. Media, LLC

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