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Diamond AdvanEdge offers Benefits Millennials Gravitate Toward

As an industry leader for nearly a decade, Diamond AdvanEdge continues to attract young Houston entrepreneurs and graduates offering top notch benefits that matter to millennials.

First, Education & Training.

              Over the last few years, employers began to notice that millennials, more than generations in the past, place a high value on training programs. Most entry level employees have little to no industry experience.

              Diamond AdvanEdge has offered an in-house structured training initiative since it’s founding. Manager, Diamante Williams implemented the structured training to aid entry level associates in learning the fundamentals of the marketing and sales field. The tiered program assists even the highest ranking Diamond AdvanEdge officials, highlighting the importance of continuing education.

Second on the list is Competitive Pay.

              Entering the workforce under less than ideal conditions, living paycheck to paycheck is a reality to many millennials. Millennials value corporate goal structures. They flourish when working to achieve, match or exceed a measurable goal. They seek goal oriented bonus structures coupled with a fair value base pay. As a whole, they are thought to thrive under pressure more than the generations before them.

              Fortunately for Diamond AdvanEdge, competitive pay is king. Offering a fair market value base pay is standard for any employee. Bonus structures and commissions are put into place for every employee to make the job a little sweeter. Weekly, seasonal and competition bonuses are often put into play as an added benefit.

Third, Continued Personal Growth & Career Advancement.

              Many studies show that millennials crave a long term career with one company. Unfortunately, some employers are falling short of keeping these powerhouse players on their payroll. Lack of guidance, minimal praise and a decrease in daily challenges leave millennials feeling worn down, uninterested and unmotivated. The most successful millennial centered businesses offer progressive responsibility coupled with career growth. Encouragement, recognizing a job well done and a new set of welcomed challenges are sought after career benefits.

              Diamond AdvanEdge not only offers a continuing education program at their headquarter location in Houston, but they solely promote from within. The company takes pride in offering employees continuous recognition for a job well done. They also shine by offering employees the opportunity to grow into ever evolving leadership, management, regional and national roles, and backing their employees with industry leaders and brand name clients.

If these benefits are of interest to you, reach out to the Diamond AdvanEdge Human Resources department at

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