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Aimark Unveils Latest Award & Global Client Acquisition

The latest out of Orlando's premier marketing firm in 2022

Jon Khani, Aimark’s CEO recently accepted the company’s third consecutive ‘Best and Brightest Company to work for in the Nation’ award following a client agreement with a new, global giant. With the award in hand & global reach potential, a new light shines bright on the firm leading to a recent and continuing cycle of growth out of central Florida.

Aimark announces they struck an agreement with the country’s largest telecommunications company in 2022. Found on the Fortune 500 list ranked at number 11, Aimark will represent their new A list client with high expectations of providing incomparable results.

In the short time since acquiring the telecom giant, Aimark has seen internal office expansion within the leadership ranks as several associates push for managerial roles. An increased interest in external expansion has been mentioned by one individual with ties to top-level executives noting, ‘a national expansion appears to be imminent’.

With the flood of exciting announcements, Aimark gears up for a heavy hiring process beginning immediately. To mention one role, the firm will offer field sales representatives the opportunity to work as authorized dealers for the telecom client, offering exponential growth and career mobility.

“The opportunity to work at a firm with this rich of a client portfolio as an entry level associate is something dreams are made of,” says Jon Khani. “Beginning your career off by representing clients of this stature truly sets you up to be a major league player in the marketing and business sector.”

Aimark top-level executives fully expect to have a deep and competitive applicant pool for their current open positions. UCF graduates are encouraged to apply, though a degree isn’t a requirement for all roles.

The positions offer University of Central Florida & other college graduates and dreamers the freedom to strategize, manage and position marketable products to target audiences through proven initiatives and tactics built for success. Aimark takes pride in their internal training systems & mentorship program, providing guidance and career advancement from day one.

As Aimark receives the backing from a multi-billion dollar titan, the company bears all the markings of an organization on the rise. The future seems advantageous for the staff, clients and community.

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